Jennifer Haben

Jennifer Haben

Singer · Songwriter · Musician · Moderator

About Jennifer

On Stage

Born in St. Wendel, Germany on July 16 1995 Jennifer has been following her passion for music ever since. Starting a stage career at the age of five she founds her first band only four years later. Being extremely shy and timid Jennifer barely manages to say a word in between songs, but amazes the people with her overwhelming voice and disarming smile already back then.

After winning several music contests in the following years and signing a record deal at the age of 14 Jennifer discovers her passion for heavy music, which results in the founding of what’s going to be Germany’s biggest symphonic metal band as of today: „Beyond the Black“.

In 2019 she joined the highly esteemed German TV show „Sing meinen Song“ with other fellow musicians such as Milow, Alvaro Soler and Johannes Oerding. Being a seeker of new challenges she started to do in 2022 what she defined as one of her biggest weaknesses when she was young – hosting livestreams in a speaking-only role. Up till now she hosted streams such as an Amazon Music Twitch Show Series and the MagentaTV festival streams of Download Germany and Wacken Open Air.

The formerly shy girl from a small village in southwestern Germany is now rocking the main stages of Europe’s biggest rock- & metal festivals, starring in german mainstream tv shows, hosting big festival streams and touring all around the world.

Off Stage

While delivering raw, untamed metal energy on stage Jennifer is sharing an unconditional love for her Family and the fictitious worlds around Disney, Game of Thrones and more. She has a huge passion for black clothing, natural and flashy make up & cosmetics and is growing her nerdism in crafting cosplay costumes, playing frisky videos games, planing and building her own furniture and playing as many instruments as she can. Sports and traveling is giving her the right balance to the whole creative stuff that is happening around her. Somewhere in between she’s going to university, finished her BA in music science and is still studying and searching for new knowledge.


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Beyond the Black

In 2014 I’ve found the band that changed my life completely. Beyond The Black feels like a baby to me that I bestow all my passion and love and I’m so proud to see it grow all over the world. If you wanna know more about my band, our music or our upcoming live shows click on the picture.

I don’t think I would change anything. All of the mistakes I have made transformed me into the person that I am now, and I am proud of who I have become.